Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Yee ha!

I finished my little scrappy trip around the world quilt. Yay for me. It got bound yesterday because BQF told me to pull my socks up and get it done. Now I have that warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment.  No giving her credit though, mind you. 

So here it is. I straight line quilted it on Bernie with a blue variegated Gutermann quilting cotton for a number of reasons. First, I wanted to try out Bernie's straight stitch. I ended up using a 4mm stitch, and he sure was dreamy to use compared to Teeny Weeny. And sooo fast. As I said to BFQ, I think the reason people have great quilting must have as much to do with the right tools as your skill.  Not to say you don't have to have skill, but it sure is simpler with a good sewing machine!  I used the thread because it was only a small reel and I needed a small project. Not a lot of analysis going on there. 

I quilted each row 1/2 an inch from the ditch because my seams were too wonky to stitch in the ditch. Next time I'd only do 1/4" out from the seam because I think the proportions would be better.  And hubby chose the decorative stitch for the binding. It took ages, so I won't be using it again unless it was for something special, or something tiny!

I have carefully picked photos where the seams don't look too bad. I can't have you thinking I'm that hopeless! Less rushing when cutting my strips next time, I think. There's not much point sewing perfect 1/4" seams if your strips aren't straight :-)

And all from scraps and Yee Ha cowboys sale fabric from Spotlight!  

The binding isn't quite that dark - it is just the light. 

All done.  BQF said orange binding, not blue. She was right (naturally).

Happy cowboys on the back!

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