Monday, 13 May 2013


Did you have a lovely Mother's Day?  I got a pedi voucher and some sewing time, so it was good in the Shush household.  The wee man did his bit by having a reasonable sleep on Saturday night too.  So thoughtful!

I have been a little bit book crazy recently. Check these cuties out.  I am also waiting for S is for Stitch, Crobots and Creepy Cute Crochet to arrive.  Book Depository is awesome.  All the goodness of Amazon but with free international shipping.  When you live at the end of the earth, that's important.

Fabric money spent on books.  Sensible?  Probably not.

It's Crazy Mom's fault that I got S is for Stitch. Did you see her post about Soft Kitty?  She made the book sound perfect for beginners, which is where I'm at.  The last time I embroidered something, I was at school.  It's been a wee while since then, I tell you!  And I have also spotted these truly gorgeous wee vintage chore girls over at Super Mom No Cape's place (awesome name right - wish I had thought of that).  I need help if I am to do them credit. 

The cushion book is my favourite - that's just from Spotlight.  They are super super cute.  I am not a massive cushion fan - I think I had too many in the 90s and am over the idea now.  I mean where do you put them all?  But the ideas are fantastic and will be great for pillowcases and quilts anyway.  And I probably have space for one or two cushions, right?  And gifts.  Cushions are good gifts aren't they?

The two softies books were irresistible.  I suspect I will never get round to making any of them, and again - where would they go.  But steam punk and zombie softies - who thinks of this stuff?  Not me, that's for sure. 

Right, back to work.  Mother is arriving from the Deepest South on Friday, and I have a quilt to finish so I can get Henry Fish: The Quilt basted before her arrival.  She'll never know I haven't been hard at work on him.  She thought the pillowcase was great, although didn't wait until Mother's Day to open him - even though I said in her card she wasn't to open it early.  *sigh*  

At least he has a good home.   

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