Finished quilts and projects

My quilting journey from the start (start at the bottom!).  Thanks BQF!  Poor First Quilt, it's not so pretty.  But we all start somewhere.  That was sure some interesting fabric choice going on there (although I still like the orange butterflies!).

Super Simple Baby Quilt five
A jelly roll quilt finished May 2014.  Blogged about here.

Crystallised cushion from Pillow Pop
A 20" cushion for Princess finished April 2014.  Blogged about here.

Super simple baby quilt four
A simple fat quarter quilt, finished April 2014.  Blogged about here.

Sew Together bag
From Sew Demented's Craftsy pattern.  Finished March 2014.  Blogged about here.

ABC embroidered quilt
ABC boy's quilt from S is for Stitch.  Finished January 2014.  Blogged about here.

Super simple baby quilt two
A simple block quilt.  Finished January 2014.  Blogged about here.

Mini iPad covers

My first cover (now with Mother).  Finished December 2013. Blogged about here.
Hubby's Star Wars cover. Finished January 2014.  Blogged about here.

Super simple baby quilt one
Simple charm square quilt.  Finished November 2013.  Blogged about here.

BQF's jelly roll zigzag quilt
BQF's most awesome zig zag jelly roll quilt.  Finished November 2013. Blogged about here.

Log Cabin European Pillow
A present for Princess's friend.  Finished October 2013.  Blogged about here.

Deerly Beloved
For a wedding gift.  Finished September 2013.  Blogged about here.

Lattice Quilt
For me.  Finished August 2013.  Blogged about here.

Dolly dress
Dolly dress for dolly. Finished July 2013. Blogged about here.

Nekomimi Doll
For me.  Finished June 2013.  Blogged about here.

Superman Pen Roll
For Hubby.  Finished June 2013. Blogged about here.

The Peacock Mini Quilt
Finished June 2013.  Blogged about here.

Henry Fish: The Quilt
For Mother.  Finished June 2013.  Blogged about here.

Hello Kitty's pillowcase
For Princess.  Finished June 2013.  Blogged about here.

Cherish Nature
For the couch.  Finished May 2013.  Blogged about here.

Yee ha
For the wee man.  Finished May 2013.  Blogged about here.

Nespresso cover
For happy coffee.  Finished May 2013.  Blogged about here.

Sweetie Pie
For Princess.  Finished May 2013.  Blogged about here.

Henry Fish pillowcase
For Mother.  Finished April 2013.  Blogged about here.

Monster Mash-up
For the wee man. Finished April 2013.  Blogged about here.

Not really a quilt
My favourite new baby gift.  Finished March 2013.  Blogged about here.

Hello Kitty
Modelled by Princess.  King single size.  FInished January 2013.

First quilt
Affectionately known as Orange Butterfly quilt (so original). Finished late 2011.


Melissa at My Fabric Relish said...

Your first quilt is far better than mine! My oldest girl would love those butterflies! Thanks so much for linking up!

Pinspot said...

That's pretty good for your first quilt! Your points even match up!

Anonymous said...

I love your first quilt!! the color selection and the pattern are cute!