Friday, 10 May 2013

Coffee Couture

One Nespresso machine cover all done.  This was not my most favourite project.  Nah uh.  I didn't mind the straight line quilting (I used the edge of the walking foot as a guide).  In fact, that was therapeutic after an incredibly frustrating meeting earlier in the day.  And I love the texture it gave.  I didn't sit there stroking it.  Not at all.

But putting the pieces together was a big old pain.  As was the binding.  Hubby looked bemused when I tried to explain that a simple curved box shape was much trickier than a quilt.  I think he is unconvinced.

But it's all done now.  I still love the fabric despite the sewing agony, which is by Zesti over at Spoonflower.  She has gorgeous designs, including some great fairy tale inspired lines which I think are dying to be made into children's quilts. I finished the cover off with some left over binding from Sweetie Pie.  I thought the little pattern was a bit like a Japanese character, and the black tied in.  Everything else I looked at seemed far too busy. And black on a kitchen bench has a certain practical appeal.

However I think Barbarella will remain naked for a while as I am not inspired to launch into her cover. She can just stay on the bench revelling in her raspberry ice glamour. Tackling Henry Fish: The Quilt would be more satisfying.  On that note, I wrapped up Henry Fish's pillowcase and sent it off for Mother's Day yesterday.  It was sad to say bye!

Linking up to Crazy Mom and Can I get a Whoop Whoop.

My favourite little Bambi all quilted up.

Sad Nespresso machine with hubby's super useful cover.

Happy Nespresso machine all dressed up.


made by ChrissieD said...

Dropped by from CIGAWW and rest assured your Nespresso cover was worth all the effort, it looks sooooo good! I did pop over and have a look at Barbarella and I think she'll be just fine until the mood takes you again to cover her! Have a great weekend :)

Stacey Napier said...

very cute! I'm also a lawyer with two kiddos - my work peeps don't get the quilting either, but they sure do love when they get one as a gift! Glad to find your cute blog!

Esther F. said...

Very cool! Love the abric choice!
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Sarah Craig said...

You did a fabulous job!! And yes, a curved box is much more difficult than a quilt! Whoop whoop for you!!

Jo said...

It looks great!