Thursday, 9 May 2013

Thundery Thursday

It's dreary times in Auckland at the moment. Rain, rain and more rain. So pretty much a typical autumn!

I have been paralysed by indecision, having finished Sweetie Pie, which is being well loved already by Princess and the rest of the family. It's that snuggly backing, I tell you. Because I can't decide on the next quilt (too many fabric choices - who would have thought?) I am working on my quilting chores. I have started cutting the zombie fabric into 6" charms, but hubby hasn't finalised his fabric choices, so I got bored with that and stopped. At least they're half done, right?

Instead I decided to make Barbarella's (my new name for my Kitchenaid) cover. Having looked at it more closely, I concluded a test run on a cover for the (much smaller) Nespresso machine was in order. Just as well. Why is it the little, simple looking things end up being the most tricky and time consuming?

Anyway, this is where I'm at. Getting there slowly. It is now the right size, and after several lots of unpicking, the curved seams are smooth and sit together properly. I am now binding with little 2" strips, because I didn't want the binding to stand out. It is working out okay, but the binding on the end is going over two thicknesses of fabric, so I am going slowly, slowly.

BQF has sent through a pic of her block for her latest jelly roll quilt (from a Pam Lintott pattern). I have block envy. Cute, eh!

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Jen P said...

I love the Nespresso cover. That's gorgeous!

Karen@littlebirdiequilting said...

The fabric you used in your cover is really nice!

OPQuilt said...

Everything about this photo is so wonderful: the project-in-process, the very cool fabric choice and the cute little pincushion to the side. I've often thought about making a cover for my mixer, but I use it several times a week, it seems, and I get so messy while baking it would be equally dirty!

I love that you have a secret life of quilting after your Mom-life and litigator-life. Welcome to the herd of quilters! I'm going to go now and look at some of your other posts. I came over via Freshly Pieced and I try to comment a few up and a few down from where I landed, so that's how I found you!

Elizabeth E.