Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wintery Wednesday

Brrrrrrrr. It's all freezing and rainy in New Zealand now. And although it's not technically winter, it sure feels like it. We even had hail yesterday. It was the first time Princess had seen it, so she had to go outside and get one of the "ices". Which she promptly ate. That's my girl.

Despite the yuck weather, I am all smuggy pants. Why you ask?  Because I have finished two, that's right, two things this week.  So it's not even WIP Wednesday. Nope - it's Whipped it Wednesday. 

First, I finished my Trip Around the World scrappy quilt, blogged about on Monday. Here's the photo again, because I like it so much. 

Scrap happy

And now my Cherish Nature quilt. Woo hoo.  The photos are dire, because I took them inside at night. It's way too gross outside. I am so pleased this is done. I just want to move on to something more enjoyable, without feeling guilty. The binding has been added, and I quilted some crosses through the middle of the blocks. Not a great design choice - more just to stop it falling apart. But now it can go into the wash and then on to the couch - where it is definitely needed for snuggling!

One finished quilt.  First mentioned here.  That was a while ago.

Well the binding looks okay!

Those photos really are dull. A bit like how I feel about the quilt, really. Now I only have two things left on the WIP list - Henry Fish and Puffy Quilt.  Are you impressed with my good finishing behaviour?

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Anonymous said...

Your trip around came together nicely.

hydeeannsews said...

I am very impressed with your good quilting behavior. 2 finishes! And I love your sense of humor from your blog name on down. Happy cold weather, I'm headed into 100f+ here in the Sw states.