Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Rain, rain, rain

That's what's happening here in Auckland at the moment. Thunder, lightening and endless rain. It really is autumn.

I am being a good stay at home mother and tidying up all of Princess' old clothes.  I don't understand how one little girl can have so much stuff. It is all bulk listed on Trade Me and the local Op Shop got the rest.   I have been meaning to do it since I got pregnant with the wee man!  Slowly slowly. But I feel very virtuous! 

Life is just as slow on the quilting front.  I would LOVE to have a whole day to sit down with Bernie. But the wee man won't have a bar of it. I am so close to finishing Cherish Nature - all I have to do is the binding. But I'm just not motivated. Silly eh - that's usually the best bit. 

The reason is that I'm all distracted with these trip around the world blocks. I am just throwing them together, so the seams aren't great, but I really like these quilts. I'm only doing 16 blocks so it will fit on the wee man's cot. It is a cowboy theme, to match his curtains, and I'm mixing in some bits and bobs from my stash (I am getting a stash now - now cool is that - I feel so quilty).  Blues and browns to match his curtains and orange because hubby likes it.  One quarter down, hopefully I have more to report next week!

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