Friday, 5 April 2013

Monster Bash is done

Yay. Everything seems to take so long these days! As soon as it was finished Princess decided that she likes monsters and orange after all and promptly had a tea party on it with all her bears. Poor wee man isn't going to get a look in any time soon.

Stippling was a new experience, that's for sure. I think it turned out okay. It is pretty forgiving too. Having said that, I don't think I will be stippling too much more until I get a machine with a bigger throat.

For the binding I tried a new technique I spotted on another blog (I cant remember where!) using a zigzag as the top stitch for the machine binding. Except I don't like zigzag, so I used a curvy decorative stitch that I thought matched the style of the stippling. It certainly results in a well attached binding. It won't be coming off any time soon, which I think is excellent for a small boy's quilt which will be thrashed.

The hubby is responsible for the binding colour - I don't like a solid. His explanation is that the colour matches the monster's eyes. I guess there is logic to it. Bless.

So overall, this has been a very good learning quilt!

My next learning experience is to be quilt labels. Any tips will be happily received :-)

My lovely new cabinet is off to be stripped (eww err) tomorrow and should be back in a week or so. Very exciting. Time to sew sew sew.


SuperMomNoCape said...

What a great boys quilt. For my quilt labels, I've been printing or writing on a white square of fabric with pencil and then embroidering the lettering with backstitch. I tried the ones where you buy that paperbacked fabric that you can run through the printer, but I didn't like how the letters were slightly blurred and not nice and crisp.

liz said...


I wish I had some quilt labeling tips for you... I need to figure out what I like in a label...

Glinda ♥ said...

Great quilt, Liz. My labels are very 'home made' ... I find a scrap left over from the front and iron it on to some sticky paper, write the quilt name, who's it for, etc in washable felt pen then iron it on to the back of the quilt. It then gets 2 lots of sewing - whatever quilting the rest of the quilt is getting and then I hand stitch around it after I've finished quilting - that label ain't going anywhere! If I ever become a 'commercial' quilter, I may have to have more professional labels but for now, these are personal and easy to do :)

Anonymous said...

Love the end result, l like the aqua binding. For labels I do one of two things, place muslin or cotton sheet on a piece of printing paper and use Microsoft word and an ink jet printer and print on the material. To fix the ink I soak the label in white vinegar and then rinse it of. Sew that label to the quilt.

Other option is design your own and use to print them. you can get a large sheet of them :-)

Carly Sotillo said...

Wow, your stippling looks great. I can't for the life of me get it right. My machine has a tiny throat, so I have pretty much given up until I get a bigger machine. Again, though, your stippling looks incredible!

Liz Gellert said...

Thanks Carly - although I have to confess that photo is one of the best bits! If you look at the whole quilt, the density of the stippling changes. I had to change my tension settings quite dramatically too. I really think a much bigger domestic machine would help. That's what I tell myself anyway, because it couldn't possibly be me!