Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sugar overload

Following the completion of Monster Bash, it was time to pick the next project over the weekend. To ease the new project guilt while Henry Fish, puffy quilt and Cherish Nature are unfinished, I basted Cherish Nature first. I had been putting this off while waiting for basting spray to arrive at Spotlight.

I'm still waiting. But the lady there suggested generic crafting spray, so I gave it a try. Well - that stuff sure is sticky. I suspect my machine needle isn't going to be a fan, but we shall see. It's not like I basted the quilt to start quilting though! It can sit around now making me feel sensible while I piece a new top.

Speaking of which, we are going all sugar and spice and all things nice in this house. In further pursuit of sensible quilting practices, I decided to use existing material and dragged out the cute little Sweet Tooth charm pack I ordered for Princess in February. By "use existing material" I mean that I got the charm pack out and headed down to Spotlight with Princess to buy all the other fabric to go with it, and lovely soft pink towelling for the back. Hardly a cost saving measure.

Any-hoo, we are using a cute wonky charm tutorial from "that girl, that quilt" (I'll add the link to my resources page). I bravely let Princess choose the background fabric. Surprisingly, she didn't want plain pink, but instead a "sprinkles" fabric which matches the charm pack. She assured me, with all the confidence that a three year old can muster, that she really, really liked it mummy.

So we are cutting, cutting. On the world's smallest quilting table, because we decided to give our battered oak table to the restoration guy when he picked up my new cabinet on Saturday. It is barely bigger than my cutting mat! Character building.

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