Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bloglovin and other stuff

Well I'm not really up to par with all this bloggy stuff, but apparently Bloglovin is the next big thing, so I have added a link to follow me over on the sidebar.  Hopefully it works.

Happily there has been some sugary progress.  See.  56 happy little charms with two of their borders.

The slushies are my favourite 

But then I bought some more fabric.  I cannot control myself.  First, I needed something for one of my future projects - a cover for my One True Love.

I had a looksie around Spoonflower and there it was.  Japanese cuteness. And because I really can't control myself, I got three other matching fabrics.  That should be one fine Kitchenaid cover.

Then hubby decided he wants a zombie quilt (yes really) so I got some zombie fabric too.  I will need to think hard about a pattern, but while I was looking around the interwebby I found this awesome book.  I have resisted buying it so far (mainly because I am destitute from fabric buying), but I sense it in my future.  The cuteness is endless.

And The Little Craft Store is closing down, so I "needed" a few bits and bobs from there.

Who knows when this will all get made, I will be back at work before I know it.  I guess it is good to have goals!


Glinda ♥ said...

You don't need to control yourself, Liz - fabric NEEDS you, so don't resist! That Bambi fabric really is the cutest ... I can see why it called out to you :)

hydeeannsews said...

ack!!! i think your fabric choices for a cover are darling, but why would you ever cover that lovely up?! i didn't realize it was the lipstick pink one you have. covet is an understatement. i've been drooling over this shade everytime i pass it at target. unfortunately,i already have a quite servicable white one gracing my counter and can;t justify the color switch because of the cost. i'll console myself by spending my savings on more fabric, i guess.