Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Zombie attack (viewer discretion advised)

My Spoonflower fabric turned up today. Can I say again how much I loooove Spoonflower. And it seems the fabric was printed in Australia, so it didn't take very long to get here.

Anyway it included hubby's zombie fabric. Nothing tasteful going on there. I have to say, I quite enjoy The Walking Dead though. Not your usual quilting fare. Although I also like Downton Abbey, which hubby insists on calling Downtown Abbey just to annoy me. And it does, although I don't know why.

As well as the zombie madness, my delicious little Japanese inspired fabrics are here too. My Kitchenaid should feel very special. I think these are fantastic.

I'd better get to finishing Princess's quilt top, eh. Then I can start on one of these.

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