Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Torpid Tuesday

Uck. It's one of those nothing days. I finally decided to stipple the white borders of Sweetie Pie and sat down to do it, but after 16 borders decided that. it's. just. too. boring. 40 to go. Dire.

In order to feel like I'd accomplished something I dragged myself downstairs to the real computer so that I could prettify the blog with all the little things I have been thinking about. As I am strictly a mobile blogger, this required actual computer time. I changed the heading about three times until I got bored with that too, so we're all stuck with it as is. I hope you like lots of white!

I then dragged the wee man out to get some black and white fabric for the border of Sweetie Pie. Despite buying MASSES of fabric recently, including a cute pink and red stripe intended for Sweetie Pie's border, I have now changed my mind. Black and white it is. Well for now, anyway. While at Spotlight I decided it would be a good idea to get Teeny Weeny some new needles. So far I have only changed the needle once ever, and that was when I had a special moment and managed to ram the needle into the foot. Ka-boom. Yay for me. I see from my extensive bloggy reading that is good behaviour to change the needle for each quilt. Of course only the expensive needles would fit into Teeny Weeny. I should have known. We will see how long the new needle changing lasts.

I also took photos of my first two quilts for my new finishes page. I look back at the first quilt and roll my eyes. I think the colours just don't work well together and the values are wrong. And the piecing and quilting is atrocious. I didn't have a 1/4 inch foot or a walking foot when putting it together and boy does that make things harder. But I'll never get rid of it, because it will always be my first! It has three important jobs - having picnics with Princess, looking after her Mickey and Minnie collection, and making me realise how much my quilting has improved.

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hydeeannsews said...

oh, i like the first one! it's charming in a quirky,first quilt ever way. i've got similar issues with mine. but like you said, it's a great sample of just how far we've come. lovely butterflies!
and a suggestion: on my finishes page (bravo for making one!) i put the oldest at the bottom so i can see what' newest whenever i go on it. that way i don't have to look at my first one every single time and can smile at my nicer newest when i visit it. maybe if you ever sit down at the real computer again, you'll consider switching them around. otherwise, i think you have a nice, clean look here.