Friday, 29 March 2013

You know quilting is out of control when ...

you buy a cabinet especially to store them in.

Here is my new/old oak cabinet. The photo is awful, but that will mean that the "after" photo will look even better, just like in those diet commercials where they make the people hunch over and wear too-tight clothes, so they look fantastic 6 weeks later. I used to hate oak furniture, but I have come around to it in recent years, although just as everyone seems to be as well, which means the prices are going up. Typical.

I bought this off Trade Me and ended up getting a moving company to bring it down from Wellsford. It was all a bit tricky moving something so big with Princess and baby in tow. The moving man was lovely and it got here quickly. The nice man from the restoration company is coming around to get it on Wednesday. He is going to strip it back and make it look as good as new. I like lighter coloured oak, so I won't get it re-stained, but left a more natural colour.

It will then go in the entrance way, stacked with lovely quilts I have yet to make.

The cupboards at the side are going to be great for storing our super special Wedgwood dinnerset, which I bought off amazon ages ago and haven't yet used. At least it will now be somewhere accessible, which makes it more likely to come out. It is moments like these when I realise I have turned into my mother, with best china and all.

On the quilt making front, I bought some storage containers for my fabric yesterday, to tidy up. I discovered that I have 6 layer cakes, a jelly roll, a charm pack, 2 x 12 litre bins of yardage and one bin of scraps. That is in addition to the two quilt tops and one puffy quilt WIP I have on the go. I know this isn't much compared to you people that have been quilting for many long years, but to put it in perspective, I have only finished 3 quilts. I must have enough fabric for 30 more. Sheesh. Definitely out of control!!

Just as well I have a cabinet now, eh!

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Glinda ♥ said...

This is a beautiful piece of furniture, Liz. And she is just going to look more gorgeous after her 'diet'! Believe me, you need a big stash! I was very thankful to be able to dig into mine yesterday :)