Friday, 19 April 2013

Busy Lizzie

Well the Sugar Overload quilt top isn't quite done, but what a week it's been. I do have all the blocks finished and ready to be wonkified (that's a technical term). Then I'll just sew them together and the top will be done. I suspect the most time consuming part will be organising the layout of the blocks. Random block placement requires careful thought!

I have also finished crocheting my first granny square. Yay for me. When I say "first" I really mean "first presentable", as there was a trial run which had some significant issues. I discovered crochet is really easy to undo - so no yarn wastage. And good old Spotlight is having a yarn sale tomorrow. So I sense supplies for my first wee bed throw will be bought. I think granny squares must be like 9 square blocks in quilting. You feel like you've learned how to piece a block. Then you find out about appliqué and English paper piecing, and you realise it's only the beginning!

But the real work around the house has been in the front entrance. Carpet is up, the floor de-stapled, wooden beams sealed, random hole in wall gibbed up, plastering finished, flooring booked for next week and wallpaper chosen. We are all ready to finish painting this weekend, and then we will have our floor put down next week. Hopefully it will all be complete for the delivery of the stripped back quilt cabinet next Friday. I'm very excited. Not excited enough to get a quilt finished to put in it though. Perhaps the wee man will think about sleeping next week, to help me out. He tells me he doesn't sleep because he likes to hang out with mummy. Who can blame him, really.

Finally, I thought I should write out my current to do list, for posterity. Here goes:
* make backing, baste, quilt and bind Henry Fish
* quilt Cherish Nature, bind.
* finish Sugar Overload quilt top
* make Henry Fish pillow case in time for Mothers Day (heh)
* finish puff quilt

* Kitchenaid cover
* zombie quilt for the hubby

That'll do!

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