Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sweetie pie

We've been meandering along making some Sugar Overload quilting progress this week. Right now we have:
* 18 lovely completed blocks
* 38 blocks with white borders
* 76 little strips of sprinkle fabric 7"x1.5"
* 76 little strips of sprinkle fabric 10"x1.5"

It shouldn't take that long to get the blocks complete. But as always it is a matter of finding the time! Princess investigated the completed blocks yesterday. I asked which one she liked best. She said she liked ALL of them mummy. And then she announced she liked this quilt better than her Hello Kitty quilt. Oh well. Just as well we kept Hello Kitty instead of sending it off like a present as originally intended then.

This lack of completion hasn't been helped by me deciding that the front entrance needs to be redecorated. To be clear, our entire house needs doing up. We bought size, not quality, and given the arrival of our happy little family over the last 3 years, there has been neither time nor money to change anything. The hubby has been doing some work on the garden (under careful supervision), but that's about it.

But the arrival of the new quilting cabinet, which will go in the entrance, means that of course it must look its best. Ultimately this is my BQF's fault, because she got me into quilting, which led to the cabinet, which led to the commencement of destruction. So far hubby has lifted carpet, removed skirtings, and started painting our awful brown ceiling beams white. Lovely white.

Needless to say, the time I have spent supervising all this activity and looking for wallpaper online has impacted seriously on my spare quilting time.

In other news, I have some Riley Blake labels to make quilt labels with. Thank you for all your helpful suggestions. I think I will be handwriting and ironing plus sewing on at this stage. We'll see what they look like.

Do you like the donuts?


Glinda ♥ said...

Sounds like hubby's got quite a list there, Liz! Loving the donuts ... mouthwatering, they are ... Mmmmm and that outer fabric is delicious too :)

Liz Gellert said...

He's a good man. He puts up with supervision, quilting, and the demands of Princess and I. But he still can't wipe the kitchen bench down. Even after 10 years of nagging. What's with that? :-)