Friday, 30 August 2013

OMG it's Friday

Sheesh I've been so busy doing stuff, I nearly forgot to tell you about it! The ABC quilt along is all ready to go on Sunday *squeal* so be ready with a lazy afternoon wine and nibbles to read all about it.

Other than that I have other tidbits of news which can wait until next week. I've had some gorgeous mail and been working on all manner of things. *giddy*

In between all that I finished this cutie. I've been scouring the interwebby for suitable Christmas crafty gifts, and I couldn't help but try this one out.  I have put a few gift idea links up on my links page if they have passed my threshold of discerning coolness. I'll put more up as I find them.  You lot are SO talented. 

Lotus blossom loveliness

It has also been pointed out to me that I have been remiss in not showing you BQF's finished quilt, which she was working on during our quilting bee many moons ago. So here it is.  Oh wait, no it's not! I can't find the photo. So here's another one she has since made for Mummy BQF. Pretty fabrics, eh!  You may reach the conclusion that BQF finishes her quilts more promptly than me, even though she works as well. You wouldn't be far wrong!

Crap photo colour editing - it's the best I could do in 10 minutes

I'll be back Sunday with more ABC quilt along news, and will pick someone for the fugly fat quarter giveaway early next week.  It's all go go go round here!

How's that for a 20 minute post start to finish including photos?  That's worth a whoop whoop, right?

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hydeeannsews said...

I need to follow suit and get my posts down in 20 minutes. I talk way too much!

tell bqf it looks fab. I immediately knew it wasn't the other quilt, which I would still like to see, but this is another nice floral explosion from her. I love a goof floral explosion, especially big blowsy English prints.

you may think she gets her finishes closed more quickly than you do, but I seriously think you must do nothing else all day but sew because you do so much, finished or not! you never even said about the pin cushion and I know what else you've been doing. =)

Maartje Quilt said...

What a nice gift! You made it with beautiful fabrics! Thanks for sharing.

Leonie said...

yay for great pincushions! and finished quilts :) Looking forward to Sunday... I may join later on if I find a spare moment and energy!

Sarah Craig said...

Hey, Liz, that's a really cute pin cushion!! I'll have to check out your other gift ideas - I'm always looking for good ones! Whoop whoop!!

Catherine said...

Love your version of the pincushion! Thanks for linking back:-)