Sunday, 18 August 2013

Public Announcements and Stashing up

First, some public announcements (sit up straight, pencils down):

  • I found Instagram.  Yes I did.  You guys could have told me that is where all the cool kids hang out, you know!  Anyway, come follow me; I'm a bit lonely there at the moment - I even managed to put the button up and all.
  • I have put together the starting details for the "S is for Stitch" weekly ABC quilt-a-long on a new page.  If you're keen, go and have a look.  I'll get it up and running in a few weeks, but that will give you some ideas in the meantime.  I'm excited.  Yes siree. *wags tail, pants*

Secondly, the courier visited me this week.  Ah, your sales warm the cockles of my heart.

Well, and fill my fabric bins. Most importantly, with blender fabrics because I go a little bit crazy buying feature prints, and forget the rest. 

Liberty Lifestyle Stile.
All the fun of tana lawn Liberty, without the sewing anxiety and the cost. 

Cold Springs Dreams Geo Dot pink
Michael Miller Just My Type Crossgrain grey
Michael Miller Just My Type Color Keys multi

Various small print blenders. A little boring. A lot useful.

Maude Asbury by Blend - Gabbie

Clever clogs striped fabric. Lots of little blenders in one. And the cotton is silky soft - beautiful quality. 

And just for a treat, a little more tana lawn Liberty. Hello kitty!

The big question is, what to do with it?  Some EPP? A new project?  Ahhhh - the excitement of new fabric.


Linking up for Sunday Stash hosted by Ms Midge. Howdy visitors. 


Leonie said...

Oh that first fabric! Swoooon! And the rest of them just delicious! Cant wait to see what you make with them!

MsMidge said...

I purchased from this week for the first time in what seems forever - I obviously didn't look well enough, cos your prints are gorgeous! lol. Thanks for linking up!

Siobhán said...

Love the new stash! I'm glad that you had a good experience with I ordered from them once & definitely won't do so again. I'm glad you're on IG! I love it there--it's replaced blogging for me.

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

Nice stashing! I'm not on instagram, I'm afraid of the time suck.

Ruth said...

I love your small print blenders, especially the numbers!

Anonymous said...

So loving those prints especially the Liberty Lifestyle. Gorgeous looking forward to seeing what you make with them. Marie (

hydeeannsews said...

your taste in fabric is getting swankier all the time. =)I approve of each. HK definitely would be cute in the epp project!

Finding Fifth said...

Bravo for the new additions to the stash and lovely to find your spunky blog.