Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Taking stock at Shush

I saw this lovely list at a Cuppa and a Catch Up and just knew I had to do it.  
  • Making : project bags for my EPP and ABC quilts
132 EPP diamonds - that should keep me busy for a while!

  • Cooking : panko chicken in lemon sauce
  • Drinking : diet coke
  • Reading: JR Rain - Moon River
  • Wanting: more time off work
  • Looking: at the tomato seeds sprouting

Spring is coming ...

  • Playing: tickle tummy with the wee man
  • Wasting: lettuce (why do we buy it and leave it in the fridge?)
  • Sewing: foundation pieced letters for hubby's zombie quilt
  • Wishing: for the baby to sleep through the night
  • Enjoying: the early spring time
  • Waiting: for the enthusiasm to finish the Oh Deer quilt
  • Liking: Instagram - it's fast and friendly
  • Wondering: what our children will be like when they grow up
  • Loving: Mr Selfridge
  • Hoping: our new plum trees grow
  • Marvelling: at how clever Princess is
  • Needing: nothing
  • Smelling: fried chicken
  • Wearing: weekend comfies
  • Following: True Blood
  • Noticing: how things don't bother me much any more
  • Knowing: that work won't have changed a bit when I get back
  • Thinking: I should go for a walk
  • Feeling: like some chocolate
  • Bookmarking: Christmas gift ideas
  • Opening: a tub of icecream 
  • Giggling: at the baby burbling

Cute eh!  Why don't you try it?


hydeeannsews said...

I may have a new addiction for you. have you seen modern yardage?


soooo tempting!

very cute list! it reminds me of a blog I used to keep that had a similar list you updated every week.

Julie said...

Very impressive selection of tomato seedlings - I've grown and enjoyed green zebra but not tried any of the others before. I did this list a couple of weeks ago, here's my link to it.


They make for fun reading and thinking.

Megan said...

Great stocktake of life at the moment. I have to say one great thing about ageing is the noticing that you just don't sweat the small stuff the way you used to! Great looking tomato seedlings :-)

Leonie said...

I've been meaning to do this for ages but not getting there! Great list of happiness :)