Friday, 2 August 2013

Faux Friday finishes

I have this endearing (to me) habit of thinking everything quilt related is a finish. It makes my life feel more successful and has the upside that you get to hear from me more often. Who doesn't want that, right?!

So what have I finished this week?  First, I've got some EPP fabric combos picked out and some diamonds basted, thanks to the arrival of a little package from  Me and the courier are on chatting terms now.  I'm not sure that's a good sign. 

Is there anything better than a pile o' fabric? A pile o' chocolate?

This makes me happy. These little piles of diamonds look so purdy. But no comments on the fact that some of my little tails don't wag the same way - we're ignoring those.

Little bird cages - hands off BQF!

Folk tales bird cages too

Those little deers and hedgehogs are too cute.  Too cute.

In case you were wondering what could possibly be underlying those fabric choices, I will share my secret. Basically, they are meant to pick up the colours in my little retro dolls block. Given that includes pretty much every colour under the sun, that's not too onerous. And if it doesn't quite match, then it has to match my second criteria - that I like the fabric. It's genius, I tell you!

Well it's genius until I go to sew it together and it's far too busy, but I won't be worrying about that any time soon.

It's important to not be too matchy match, right?

Secondly, my stippling on my lattice quilt is finished.  Here is Wednesday's photo because, to be honest, it still doesn't look much different from this. But I've done more, truly!

And that's all because hubby and I are off to the Food Show now. Yes we are. Nom nom. 

Hello friends visiting from linky parties!  Have a virtual cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate on me while you look around. 

And head back here next week - there's a charming little giveaway for my gorgeous blog followers coming. Yes there is. A little bit fabricky and a little bit chocolatey.  I can't do better than that now, can I?!  Have a lovely weekend.


Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

It's okay - the people at the post office greet me by name now I'm there so often, usually picking up fabric. ;)

Lovely additions for the EPP quilt - those birdcages are super cute!!

Heather said...

I knew I had been buying far too much on Trade Me when I was out for a walk with the kids and the courier van pulled up beside me to hand over a parcel.

Megan said...

I'm so impressed that you stipple. I'm yet to break out from the old straight lines. Love your fabric and those gorgeous little bird cages. Have fun at the food show :-)

Laura said...

Oh, you're much kinder to yourself than I am. For me, it HAS to be a finish finish or I'd never get anything done!!!! great work. :) thanks for linking up.

Frances said...

Love the science behind the fabric choice - hope to be back for fabric and chocolate next week!

BedTime Quilting said...

I'm just starting my hand at English paper piecing. I really like it. You're fussy cut diamonds are cute! Great job!

hydeeannsews said...

You're a mad genius and hearing from you as often as possible is wonderful. Nice how you have a way of bending the universe to your will!

The new diamonds are adorable. Are you going to do more doll blocks to sprinkle throughout or keeping it completely scrappy?

Enjoy the noshing with the hubs. Looking forward to your giveaway. Happy weekend!

Karen said...

Those diamonds are super cute! I wouldn't worry about the tails! Who's looking when the fussy cuts are so perfect? :-)

Ruth said...

Love the diamonds - they are like packet of sweets! Loved your postman comment - ours not only knows me by name but knows remembers delivering to my mum's house for me too!

Leonie said...

It's so pretty! Love love your work Liz :) I have a big quilt to quilt... I'm really not sure that I have the patience to fight with all that fabric in my little machine!

Liane Radford said...

I really like this quilt and LOVE the combo quilting you have done!