Sunday, 1 September 2013

ABC quilt-a-long: getting started

Okay folks. I'm bursting with excitement, and I just can't wait any longer, so I think it's time to get started on our weekly ABC quilt-a-long from 'S is for Stitch'. This week we're going to do some prep and choose some fabric, so next week we can do our first block *skip*.

So, if you haven't already, this week we need to:

  • choose a quilt design
  • get your materials
  • get your fabric (which as we all know is, like, the BEST bit!)

It's pretty hard to resist the gorgeous girlie embroideries in the book, but I've decided to do a boy's quilt - you could do a gender neutral one too, and pick greens and yellows - and the pictures that you like the best from each quilt. But I'm getting ahead of myself - one quilt at a time!

"And everything nice" quilt - photo from book shown with Kristyne's consent

If you want to do your own ABC embroideries, don't feel constrained by the book designs - do your own. That would be awesome (I'm not that talented!).  Lucy - I'm looking at you!

I got my materials from Spotlight - cheap and cheerful - one 4" wooden embroidery ring (it was a couple of dollars) and a marking pen. I got one that air fades - so I can't mark up my embroideries in advance. You might want to chose one that's more permanent. The book has some ideas on marking pens. 

As for embroidery floss - I have a box of bits and bobs that Mother gave me years ago. It is mainly DMC and Anchor. I have just chosen some colours I like - mainly blues, oranges and browns, with some touches of brighter colours. If you want more specific guidelines, the book has specific floss details for each quilt.

Boy thread colours.  Brown is okay, really. 

I've decided on a different quilt pattern than in the book - I'm going to trim each block back to 4.5" square and border it with 2.5" strips to make a 8.5" finished blocks. I'm going to alternate blue and orange prints. Who knows what it will look like when it's finished - but it's best not to agonise over these things or you will never get started. 

Here are my six prints all cut up and ready to go - I don't want to be cutting once I'm back at work, so  I've done it now. For my embroidery fabric I've picked a white on white dot, for a bit of texture. If you get a yard of your embroidery fabric, that will be heaps - you will be cutting 30 blocks 6" square.

Robots, zig zags, man stuff.
In summary I cut:

  • 30 blocks 6" square of my white on white fabric for the embroidery (standard quilting cotton)
  • 60 strips 2.5" wide x 4.5" long (various colours)
  • 60 strips 2.5' wide x 8.5" long (various colours)

This should yield one quilt 40" wide x 48" long.  When I've sewn it up, I may add some borders.  We will see what it looks like.

So I'm pretty much ready to go - you don't actually need much stuff which is a pleasant surprise!

Go to it, quilty friends. We'll link up next Sunday and you can show us what you've chosen.  The following week we will find out if I can embroider or if the whole thing needs to be cancelled because my block is too ugly to show (just kidding - you'll see it warts and all!).

Is there anything I've missed that you think I should mention?  Let me know.  And don't forget to visit Kristyne's blog - but don't blame me if you explode from the gorgeousness of it all.  Just saying.

*so excited*

PS - Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is having a great giveaway - you should pop over and have a look (except know that I'm going to win, okay).

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Megan said...

Such fun! I'm just going to watch like a weird stalker haha because I'm not big on embroidery. But I think it is important to have someone on the sideline to raise a glass and celebrate each little milestone along the way. I'll make sure the wine rack is fully loaded ;-)

DeborahGun said...

still waiting for my book to arrive but thanks for the tips on how much fabric is needed - I can start gathering my supplies :-)

Rebecca said...

Hi I decided to join couldnt wait so I just ordered via Kindle for my iPad so hope that works but there are copies in Australia by mail order if that is not so easy to use.

Kelly Young said...

I like the fabrics you've got going on for a boy! So cute!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

I am very tempted to order the book and join. How big are the quilts?

Leonie said...

Ooooh it's beginning! Looking forward to seeing the results!

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

I ordered the book from Connecting Threads is was half price!

Beth said...

What a great idea. That quilt is adorable!

SarahQuilts said...

I'm in! I'll wait until after my birthday to order the book, just in case, but when you mentioned robots I remembered that I have a set I fat quarters and strips that would be perfect for this quit - embroidery on dark grey, here I come (my nephew is being born in November, but he'll get his quilt a bit late I think)

hydeeannsews said...

off to a great start! I like your color selection and those bots are dang cute. =) best of luck, group leader!

Egg's bits and bobbins said...

I'd love to join in ABC quilt along, thank you so much for starting it, it just the project I need to fill the gap at the mo. Eggs xx

Susie said...

Really don't appreciate blogs that make me impulse buy - but how could I resist this? Love it. I'm in. Thanks for getting this going.

Barb said...

I LOVE this idea!!! I have bought the book (which I adore) a while ago, have cut out all my fabric already, done about four squares, and lost the ooomph!!! I would love to be involved in this, doing a square a week. They are truly teensy wee squares with a very small amount of easy embroidery - absolutely perfect if you're a beginner or never done embroidery before. It's so satisfying to see them finished!
thanks for doing something like this :)
Barb from UK (really from New Zealand, but living her until January) hmmm must get a move on and finish this quilt before I have to pack up and move home!