Saturday, 20 July 2013

Super quick Friday

No witty and thoughtful post today! I'm in hospital with the wee man because he's having an operation which was scheduled a long time ago. He's doing great but I, as usual, need sleep. Not surprisingly he has decided he really likes the pretty young nurse and chats and smiles endlessly when she comes in. He's a little rogue already. Good on him, I say. 

But I did manage to get something finished before I came in - that's right - my lattice top.  Yay!  *twirls of excitement*

Here's the photo - there'll be lots of update about it later on. 

AND I found a cool new to me gizmo for pinning seams that have been ironed open. They are from Clover. Shush recommends. What higher endorsement could there be?


Barb said...

Beautiful quilt, Liz. I hope your little guy is doing well!

snips said...

Gorgeous! The lattice work looks amazing! I don't usually use pins, but i do have two packs of those and use them when i need to keep seams open, they're great aren't they!
Hope you get some sleep and your little guy is doing okay :)

Kelly Young said...

love the lattice quilt, Liz. And hope your sweet boy is doing okay and that you are able to rest.

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Megan said...

I hope your wee chap is on the mend already! The lattice quilt looks beautiful - I really like those little strips between the blocks. Great job and totally deserving of the twirl :-)

Kirstie Cantegreil said...

Such a lovely quilt top. And brilliant Clover Pins! I tried looking for them at Clover, but only saw the normal ones. Do they have a specific name?? Hope your little one is back to full speed soon.
I can be reached at kirstie cantegreil at g mail dot com, if you get the chance to reply.
Many thanks. xx

Gemini Jen NZ said...

Gorgeous colours. All the best for a speedy recovery for your wee guy.

hydeeannsews said...

Oooooh, those pins look fantastic. I'll have to look for some. You already know I like the top since I got the world exclusive. :) Hope you're home and all is well!!!!

RobinSue said...

The quilt is beautiful - so soothing! Thanks for the tip on the pins, Ill have to try them. Good wishes for your wee man.