Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Loving my Citrus Sweet Love

There has been happy dancing in the Shush household. My Citrus Sweet Love BOM by Cabbage Quilts and Treehouse Textiles arrived yesterday (early too).

Well I am definitely in the honeymoon phase. Here's my package. Look at those sweet fabrics.

Yay - mail

I divided them in to four little piles for the block I had to make. 

Panic stations - it's cutting time.  I've never been so anxious ...

Here's my first quarter.  Oh wait, because I got all distracted sewing I didn't take any photos. So here is the whole block all done. All those little strips are 1" finished, so it will be a 12" finished block. 

Not so pretty on the white wall.

For me, this was an exercise in accuracy. I have never taken the time to figure out the right measurement for a scant 1/4" seam on my machine, but I did this time. After ummming and aahhing for a while, I figured the blocks were best made with seams pressed to one side, not open. Now I'm usually a seam open kind of girl - I love how flat and crisp the blocks look that way, but there are a lot of curved pieces in the quilt, so pressed to one side seems the best option. 

Then I discovered that if I move my needle setting one click to the right on Bernie, I have a PERFECT 1/4" seam. Yay for me - you'd think the sewing machine makers thought of it. It wouldn't work if I pressed my seams open - it would make the blocks too big, but it's perfect for this.  So all my little seams fitted together perfectly, and for the first time EVER my blocks ended up exactly the right size when done. What an epiphany!  What a pain in the bum all the faffing around was!  I can't see me spending this much time on blocks in the future, but for this quilt, perfection is at least the goal.  You'll see one seam in the bottom left quarter doesn't quite match, but other than that, we're all good.  I am definitely glad we started with the easiest block for a bit of a practice run. 

Then I went on and made my first ever pinwheel. There are 10 to do for the quilt, but I just wanted to give it go. And guess what? Great seams again.  *smug*

That's right - a perfect pinwheel

This is what it supposed to look like finished - in a long, long time.  These photos have been nicked from Cabbage Quilts because, ummmm, I haven't done my quilt yet. Silly. 


See the little pinwheels down the side?

And more beautiful.

So I'm a happy girl.  The BOM package isn't perfect - the instructions certainly assume you know how to quilt, and I would really like an overview of what we're getting each month, but I like the quilt so much, all is forgiven. I'm pretty excited about all the new techniques to learn. 

I can only imagine you're all ridiculously jealous you're not doing it with me. 

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Kelly Young said...

ooh! love that quilt, and yours is going to be awesome!! kudos to you for figuring out the exact quarter inch seam. I use my quarter inch foot on my Bernie, but never played around with the needle position. might have to try it!

:) Kelly
*by the way, Needle and Thread Thursday is open early this week because Thursday is 4th of July (Independence Day) here in the US! Well, it's really the 4th of July everywhere, know what I mean. ha!

Megan said...

That looks so much fun! I remember feeling like a bit of an idiot when I finally realised that I could move the needle position on my machine and finally get a pretty accurate 1/4 inch seam!! Amazing!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Stunning quilt...great color choices and love the layout

Barb said...

What a beautiful quilt! I'm so impressed you figured out your 1/4 inch seam!

hydeeannsews said...

very ambitious, liz! it's beautiful. hurrah for brain power to get your accuracy figured out! what a smarty pants. =) that is such a yummy mix up of colors and fabrics. so scrappy! i've made straight pinwheels, as opposed to angles, before. yours look great! so cute with those little dots, too.

Tanyia said...

wow, this is gorgeous, you are off to a great start, cant wait to see it come together!

I am stopping by from the WIP hop, hop on by if you can

Tessa Marie said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous pattern. I am going to enjoy watching you progress with this!

maria said...

Well done on the seams. The block is beautiful and I love the photos of how it will eventually look.

Kelly Young said...

Love it, Liz! I'm so glad you shared at Needle and Thread Thursday!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Adorable quilt! I am jealous!