Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday five

What have we done this week in the Shush house?

Mother - don't be surprised when you get marmalade for your birthday

Here's hoping it sets properly!  Even though I'm not a marmalade fan, even I thought it tasted okay after adding 1/2 a cup of brandy. Mind you most things are better after 1/2 a cup of brandy, right?!

Finished this (and by finished, I mean made it and then finished eating it - that's the last piece.  Nom nom):

Chocolate caramel gooooodness

Bought some Robert Kaufmann solids for the first time:

Watch me be bright

Received a cute quilty pressie from Mother (all hints on how to use it welcome).  No I didn't iron it for you:

Cushions? Kitchen stuff? Quilt basket?

And (ta dah ... drum roll please ... ) basted the lattice quilt with some 2011 DS fabric hiding in my stash. Quilting here I come:

Oooooh - so close now.  So close.

Linking up to all the fabby linky parties on my party page. Howdy visitors - have a luvverly weekend!


Anonymous said...

wow, it's a beautifull quilt and very cheerful.
Love the panel with the quilter! But I'm afraid I'm not much help with ideas how to use it, sorry :-).

Dutch greetings

Kelly Young said...

Liz, you crack me up! Yes, I definitely think that most things are better with a little alcohol added for good measure. What a sweet Momma you have to send that fabric to you! I'm sure you'll think of something fabulous to do with it. And woohoo on basting your lattice quilt. love the backing choice!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

LynCC said...

oooo - The lattice quilt is going to be so wonderful! Love that backing for it. Hmm - how big are the individual feature pieces in the fabric panel? Could those parts make humorous labels on gift quilts? The text part is perfect for modern piecing. :D Thanks for sharing at TGIFF!

Izzy said...

Hi - just found your blog through Crazy Mom's Quilts! The lattice quilt looks beautiful. I'm gonna go look around now! Thanks for letting me visit. :-)

Sarah Craig said...

Love your lattice quilt, and if those little quilter blocks are as small as they look, wouldn't they make a wonderful set of pincushions? And you could use the text piece for the back - a strip across each one!

Whoop whoop for a productive week!!

Jenni Mills said...

I loved that quilting fabric when I saw it. I should have bought some. :)

hydeeannsews said...

Busy, busy. All I've done is maybe a block or two. And sewed a sq in the wrong place. Enjoying the coast too much to even EPP!