Friday, 5 July 2013

Dressing Chelsea

Happy 4 July American quilty friends!  As Mother is English, I spent the day drinking tea and pondering how best to get you back in the Commonwealth. 

Just kidding. 

Really, I promise. 

But to other things. There have been quilting achievements this week. I now have 36 Oh Deer blocks done. 4 more, and I'm half done. That deserves a post in itself. 

But I also got slightly distracted with my Citrus Sweet Love BOM and the need to find some outfits for Chelsea. Bamboletta Dolls do have a cute selection of extra clothes available, but having spent half of the children's education fund on the doll I need to make my own. 

Surprisingly, there is not a mass of free dolls clothes patterns on the interwebby - unlike quilt patterns. Clearly quilters are much more generous with their knowledge!  But I did find this cute little pattern by Fig and Me, who makes the most incredible dolls. You should check out her website - if she wasn't a doll maker, she could be a photographer. 

I gave it a go with some scraps, in case it didn't work out. The good thing about the pattern is that she shows you how to make it for any sized doll.  I made this one for Baby Rosa. Here she is showing it to her adoring fans. 

Watch out Rosa, Dottywot might go all single pink female on you   

I made some tweaks to the pattern.  I top stitched around the whole top to make it look crisp and help it keep those ribbons secure. 

Yet more Hello Kitty fabric

I also sewed the skirt to the back of the bodice first, so I could topstitch it down on the machine. Instead, the pattern sews the skirt to the front of the bodice, and hand sews the back. As you know, I avoid hand sewing like the plague. Anyway, this way worked great. 

Even doll baby hands are cute

I used one little bit of Velcro at the back. For the next dress, I will use press studs and put three on. I think I would also make the tie out of matching fabric instead of using non-matching ribbon!

Really, couldn't you give me a top too?

I think the pattern could have endless variations, which should be enough to keep me amused for now. Dolls clothes tend to be a short lived passion for me!

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A Quilter's Mission - Vicki said...

So very precious! Love the way she models for her googley eyed admirers.

joanne said...

What a beautifully dressed doll!

Kerstin said...

What a well dressed doll! I'm sure all the other dolls are green with envy

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

Very cute!

Barb said...

Great dress Liz! I used the same pattern last week and it turned out great too.

Barb said...

Well, actually, yours is much nicer. I love the top-stitching.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely little dress, and I have to say I love your Citrus love quilt , too.

Sarah Craig said...

Such a sweet little dress for a sweet doll! Whoop whoop!!

hydeeannsews said...

oh, isn't it sweet?!

and hello, kitty. what a surprise. =)
seriously, great adjustments. lovely topstitching.

you don't handstitch? how did i never know this? it's calling our friendship into question. what the heck do you think epp is going to be?

Laura Lochore said...

that is so cute!!! and your commonwealth comment made me laugh!

Leonie said...

Cute little dress! Yes I've also found that doll type things are very scarce on the interwebs - thanks for linking in :)

made by ChrissieD said...

Just the cutest dress and I'm loving your top photo, simply wonderful :)