Wednesday, 17 July 2013

July Status Update

Warning - you are entering a limited sew zone. That's right. There's not much going down. But it does feel like a good time to see where I'm at with my various projects. So here goes.

Puff Quilt. Yeah, nah. Not much going on. But I have managed to buy some more Circa 1934, so if I ever get around to it, I will have enough fabric to finish it. 

Zombie Quilt. Nil progress, although I have decided that despite hubby's best efforts at quilt designing, I will be making what I want. And I have read this for general zombie inspiration. It's awesome, BTW. 

I can only hope Brad Pitt doesn't ruin it

EPP. Nada progress. Well I did cut six diamonds, but I don't think that is worthy of a photo. 

Compiling Parisville collection. Awesome progress, not least of all because the lovely Hydeeann sent me this. How fabulous is she? I love quilty friends! And she just sent it because she's nice. No other reason. 

Just the motivation to do MORE shopping.

Oh Deer. One block more. It's almost too embarrassing to admit. Lets pretend I've done lots more.

Lattice Quilt. Progress. Yes really. See. 

It seems a finished quilt top could be in my future

So I am doing SOMETHING! Once I get the rest of those coloured strips in, we will be all good to sew the blocks together. One of my favourite parts of quilting!  AND I've bought binding, because I can always shop well. 

Linking up to WIP Wednesday. Howdy visitors!


Sara said...

Little by little is sometimes better right?! That's what I am telling myself lately! Love the lattice work tremendously:):)

Tanyia said...

that lattice quilt is gorgeous. I am a huge book nerd and I tried to read that book but I just couldn't get it to it. I did not like the writing style at all.

I am stopping by from the WIP hop, my post is here if you have time to stop by :)

hydeeannsews said...

so you're not completely off your sewing althogether after all! you are just sewing at a more normal pace like the rest of us real peeps! glad to see your eye dots arrived. they look so cute i may have to hunt up some more myself. =)

Kelly Young said...

your lattice is gorgeous Liz! and I'm sure the oh deer will be too, even though you're not feeling it lately.

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

OPQuilt said...

I think we all slow down in summer (except maybe those who are teachers), so don't feel badly about not cranking out the old quilting.

Your lattice quilt is so beautiful with those extra bars of color inbetween the blocks--really stunning!

Enjoy your summer, and we'll all pick it up agin in fall--
Elizabeth E.

Jenni Mills said...

A zombie quilt. What a crack up! I want to see that.