Monday, 11 February 2013

Who's this? Henry Fish!

So this is the quilt I am supposed to be working on instead of getting distracted with jelly roll quilts for the lounge and baby quilts for friends.  I suspect the reason it isn't getting done is because of the pressure to get it finished.  I'm contrary like that!!

Lovely Henry Fish, waiting to be a quilt

Henry Fish is the name of that gorgeous fabric you see peeking out in the middle of the block.  I discovered him on a Cabbage Quilts post from yonks ago, talking all about the wonderfulness that is Spoonflower.  That started a Spoonflower affair that I am still trying to keep secret from my husband.  Anyway Henry Fish is designed by Peagreengirl, and can be found by searching Spoonflower, if you are keen.

Henry Fish was not destined for this quilt.  He was destined for something delicious for me.  I don't know what.  But Mum came to visit last Christmas, just after I had started the quilting journey, and spotted him in my stash.  The Circa 1934 charm packs I had bought for a quilt for her didn't have a look in (they're now being turned into a puff quilt, but that is a story for another day).  So Henry Fish is going to Mum's, for her spare bed.  And just to add to the pressure, she has re-decorated the entire spare room around the quilt colours.  I was forced into paralysis by all the expectation (not helped at all by getting pregnant and doing nothing but collapsing into bed every night after work).

This was all made worse by the fact that I had calculated it needed 72 blocks.  Urrrggghhhh.  Anyway, would you believe that I have the blocks out, and those blocks are getting done.  And would you believe, it isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be!! Typical.  I have made life easier for myself by bringing the blocks down to 48, and have decided to put a large borders around the edge to get it up to size.  Which has the added bonus that I'll need to get back on Spoonflower for more fabric.  So there is a remote prospect the top may get done before the baby arrives.  But lets not tempt fate ...

The block is called Garden Fence, and a great tutorial can be found here.


Megan said...

Nothing like the pressure to finish a quilt to completely focus your attention elsewhere! Looks like a very nice block:-)

Liz Gellert said...

So true! It reminds me of my uni days when exams were on, and I couldn't possibly study until the entire house was clean. Never mind that I was perfectly happy to live in a pigsty the rest of the year.