Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Fabric, yummy fabric

There are lots of lovely things about living in a small country at the bottom of the world.  Great food and wine, sunny beaches and exciting outdoor living, nice people, and a great big garden for the kids to run around in.  But one small downside is a lack of extensive quilting fabrics.  Don't get me wrong, we have some lovely local quilt shops with great fabrics, but for a wide range of reasonably priced designer fabrics, we need to look overseas.

And shopping on-line for fabrics is something I can do VERY well, even as an amateur!  So I was very pleased to find the Missouri Star Quilt Co the other day - I was actually looking for jelly roll quilt pattern inspiration and was lured by their YouTube video for a quilt called "Summer in the Park" - looks cute by the way.  I found they had lots of lovely Moda pre-cuts and a discount on international shipping.  Shopping heaven!  But the best thing is that they have a sense of humour.  The shipping confirmation email is a real treat - although I am sure it will wear thin after a few orders.  I won't tell you what it says, in case I ruin the surprise for your own order.  In the meantime, I hope everything arrives as promised, so there is a next time.  I did go a teensy weensy bit crazy.

So while I wait for that to arrive, I need some inspiration for these wee treats in my stash - a lovely Moda layer cake, some Spoonflower deliciousness (love), various Gumnut Baby cuties and the gorgeous peacock fabrics.  Here's hoping this will keep me off Spoonflower and other online shops, at least until the baby arrives!

Fabric yum

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