Thursday, 7 February 2013

Soooo close...

Despite a complete lack of sleep (my husband's unborn child has decided to prep me early for those first 6 weeks of misery by keeping me up day and night now) the little "not really a quilt baby quilt" is nearly finished. The quilting is done, binding made and sewn on one side. I am most definitely in the machine binding camp, so I just need to machine the other side of the binding down.

And all for $24 - with 1/2 a metre of those lovely polka dots left.

I wish now I had more time to quilt it more heavily, but I still think it looks good.

And for a special treat I have some pictures of my friend's new quilt top and back as well. Don't tell her that I'm putting her photos up though, because she might get cross. It's very simple, but the fabrics are gorgeous.

She had this great idea to sash up her backing fabric to look like a window, which I think looks fantastic. I am totally going to steal that idea and pretend it was mine. Roger the cat is equally impressed.

Quilty loveliness

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