Friday, 15 February 2013

When Henry met Denise

It's Friday, so I had grand plans to have a finished quilt top to show off. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans.

So instead I am celebrating some mini finishes:
* my Henry Fish blocks
* sashing two rows of Henry Fish
* buying all the fabric I need to finish Henry Fish

(This all leads to an interesting debate as to what constitutes a finish, but let's leave that for another day!)

The last one is the big achievement. As the dreaded lurgy is still very much present, leaving the house is a Big Deal. But I felt compelled. Spotlight still has $6 discontinued fabrics and then on top of that, 30% off if you buy the bolt (I should market for them). So that is $4.20 a metre!!! But only until next Tuesday. Dramatic pause. What to do? Well I couldn't leave those lovely fabrics to be snatched up by the other crazy quilty people on the North Shore just because I am on my death bed, so I put on my big girl undies (literally, the baby won't tolerate anything else) and drove my diseased self to the shop. I bought a little teensy weensy bit of fabric. Including a lovely DS blue print to border Henry Fish and the matching blue and pink tartan to back it with. Hooray. That means the other backing I bought is now spare. Hmmmmm. And I may have bought some other bits and bobs just because I liked them.

So now I am going to have a chokkie bikkie and a nap to celebrate my intrepid journey. And will emphatically deny ever leaving the house, if anyone asks.

Here's another rubbish photo - of Henry meeting his new Denise Schmidt border and backing. I hope he's happy.

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LynCC said...

It's going to be so pretty. Sure hope you feel better soon!