Sunday, 22 September 2013

C is for Car and Cupcake and Cat: ABC quilt-a-long week 3

So my quilty friends, would you like a copy of Kristyne's gorgeous book S is for Stitch?  It's probably best you don't though, you know - you may need to take to your bed once you've seen it because the sheer cuteness is too too much.

S is for Stitch 

But if you're not sensible, and you would like a copy, head to my Friday post and enter with a comment. I'll be drawing the winner next Sunday.  Eeekkkkkk. It's so exciting. I'm going to have a cup of tea and a sit down. We have Stash books to blame for all this, you know. 

But on to our ABC progress.  Goodness, I'm already up to my third block. That is like 10% done already. Heh!  How are you getting on with A and B?  Any tips?  Don't forget to head over to Flickr and show us your pics.

You'll see I don't have a car or a cupcake. The car is pretty cute, so I might yet regret this, but I had fallen in love with the kitty from the girl's quilt and knew I just had to use it. My plan was to use it as Cat, so I could keep the Kite when we get to k. Blah, blah, blah.  Confused?  Ditto.

Anyway here is my kitty cat. My back stitched letters are a bit rubbish again. I really need more light at night. Hubby has offered his caving headlamp for me to wear in the evening. I might yet say yes. That would be a photo opportunity you will never get to see.

C is for cat.  That's right.

I have used some orange DS fabric for the border. Hey little kitty!

Fortunately this photo is out of focus enough that you cant see quite how bad the sewing is.

So link up quilty friends, and show us what you've managed to do. Any letter is fine you know, we don't judge around here! Remember to link your post, not your blog, and go and say Hi to your ABC comrades.


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Megan said...

haha - I would pay good money to see that particular photo! Daylight lamps from trusty old Spotty are good for evening stitching. Your cat is very cute - and I'm pretty sure your back-stitching isn't as rubbish as you make out!

DeborahGun said...

such a cute little cat - I think this is one of my favourites from the book too :-)

Heidi said...

Every week you tempt me more with this QAL! This Citty is soo cute!
I have used a headlamp - they work well. Just hide the camera 1st!

Leonie said...

such a cutie!

LynCC said...

Oh my goodness :) That cat *is* adorable. :)

kristyne said...

C is also for cute, cute CUTE!!! :) You make me so happy.

xo k