Sunday, 15 September 2013

B is for Baseball and Ballerina: ABC quilt-a-long week 2

Hello quilty friends!  Have you had a good week?  Have you managed to get some stitching done?

Do you know our little stitch along is a bit famous?  Not only has Kristyne given us a shout out on her blog - Pretty by Hand, but Stash books has got in on the action and is having an S is for Stitch giveaway. Ohhhhhhh how exciting!  So if you haven't started yet, head over there to enter for a chance to win the book (be quick - it closes on 17 Sept) - you'll catch up in no time, given the glacial pace we're moving at. 

In further public service announcements, we now have a ABC BOW Flickr group - so if you're not a blogger, you can upload your photos and show us all how you are doing. The link is here - and I've also put it up on the ABC BOW page. Go and have a look at Deborah's angel.  I'm pretty sure you'll be jealous of her stitching and pretty fabrics.  I know I am.

Here is my block for the week - my lettering back stitch is not very tidy. That's what you get for trying to do it in a bit of a rush without good light. You'll see I have written ball, not baseball. That's because baseball isn't really a thing down here in New Zild - we're more of a rugby nation (for you non rugby folk - that's like gridiron without the padding).  But a ball is a ball. On reflection, I should have centred the word, but hey, it looks okay. 

B is for ... ball

I also decided that I didn't have enough variety in my fabrics - so I have grabbed three more.  More blue and orange, and then red to shake it up! This should give me a scrappier look. Hopefully it looks good when we're done.

Yep - more fabric shopping!

How are you getting along?  Do you have any tips for us?  I see that Tanya is using her beautiful perle cotton for stitching, and uses a little batting behind her piece to hide the stitches. It's interesting to see all the different little things people do.  Also it seems most of you have realised it's a good idea to put your blocks together at the end so you can play with your fabric.  Obviously being sensible doesn't get in the way of my quilting.  But you can laugh at me at the end!

Now link up, quilty people. Remember to link your post, not your whole blog, and go and give some comment love to your quilt-a-long comrades!  I'll keep the link open until next week. 


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Marla said...

I might be an ignorant American when it comes to baseball, but that looks like a baseball to me :)

DeborahGun said...

okay - I think I got confused and thought we were linking up the A blocks this week? I'll try to catch up during the week! Thanks for being so nice about my stitching - I really enjoyed doing it :-)

Leonie said...

Looking good! Heading off to enter the giveaway now!

Megan said...

Nice stitching! Is it tomorrow that you start back at work? If it is, I hope the day goes well and that you get to come home with some great work stories :-)

Susie said...

Nice fabrics and stitching. Still waiting on my book

Lucy Casey said...

Well finally made it to the shop over the weekend and got caught up. I seriously have a long way to go and very much impressed with all the work I've seen so far.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

lovely ball! I'm going to try and work on B tonight and link up tomorrow :) I've entered the giveaway because I don't have the book (would love to!!) but hopefully my fabric ABC with stitching on top isn't breaking any rules!

hydeeannsews said...

There you go, getting more famous again. Very good of Stash to have the giveaway. I think your not-a-baseball looks great. Very nice pick of the dot fabric to go with it and I actually like it with the word off center. You bought more fabric?! Wha........? :) They look like good additions.