Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Simply Woven Monster Bash baby quilt

So I've started another little project in order to avoid quilting the two quilt tops I now have sitting waiting for me.

It is a baby quilt for the wee man, using a Monster Bash jelly roll which arrived on my doorstep about a month ago. The pattern is Simply Woven from Moda Bake Shop (the link is on my resources page), although I am only making a half size (4x6 blocks). I am not sure this is the best pattern for the fabric (a spiderweb quilt probably would be better) but my hubby liked it and I am inclined to paralysis if I don't just choose something and get on with it.

Can I say how much I love precuts? I love precuts. They seem to be so quick to put together, although maybe it's the simple patterns rather than the fabric? I think this pattern is great, but I would pick something that needs seams ironed open again, wouldn't I! The one thing is that it is terrifying cutting into the blocks, because if you get it wrong ... eeeek.

I am chain piecing the blocks, rather than doing them one at a time, which the pattern suggests. I think it is muuuuch faster. And there is something therapeutic about chain piecing, in my opinion. Although I couldn't help finishing one block, just to see what it looks like. The background solid is called sand, and is very boring, but I decided white just looked wrong with the other fabrics. It might be a bit bland when I'm done, but at least it will hide the dirt, which I am sure is important with boys.

The plan is to use this quilt to practice stippling. Double eeeeek. I have a sand coloured cotton all ready to go.

At the moment, the top is about half done. Each block has 6 strips inserted, and I have 3 finished. And there is an orange DS fabric waiting to be the backing. So I will only need to pick a binding, but that crisis can wait for another day.

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