Saturday, 23 March 2013

And baby makes three (quilt tops, that is)

Phew, it's getting tricky to finish anything these days. Having the wee man in the house is like having a breach in the time/space continuum. Things that should take half an hour can take all day!

But I have managed to finish up this baby quilt top for him. It has changed in to a 5x5 block quilt after deciding that 4x6 was a strange long skinny shape. I held an urgent quilt summit with my BQF (best quilty friend) and she convinced me this size was better than 4x5, even though that would fit on his cot. She assured me that bigger is always better, no matter what our male friends may have to say on the topic. So I had to make one more block, but I had just enough left in the jelly roll. It is 60" x 60", so although it will be a bit big for his cot, it will be a good snuggle size and a throw once he moves in to a single bed.

My blocks don't match up perfectly, but they're not too bad. No doubt my quilting will be so awful that it will distract everyone from any mismatched seams. It is much better than it would have been if I had tried this before getting my 1/4" foot though.

So now I have three quilt tops to baste and quilt. I am going to do this one first for practice, before moving on to the bigger quilts.

In other quilting news, I have just bought a lovely old oak cabinet for storing quilts in. So it's off to Wellsford tomorrow to pick it up, then off to the furniture restorer. What a motivation to make more quilts. It has glass doors, so they an be stacked inside, but not get dusty. Yay.


Glinda ♥ said...

This is a lovely quilt, Liz, I really like the colours you've chosen. Don't forget some before and after photos of the oak cabinet :)

Liz Gellert said...

Thanks, although my hubby must be given credit for choosing the jelly roll. He's obsessed with orange. I think it is a boy thing, although Princess likes the "funny monsters" in it. I think it's actually a Halloween print, but it's hard to find good stuff for boys that isn't too babyish IMO.

Lorna McMahon said...

Great colours and I love the design. I agree... The 5" blocks look great! Hope your son will enjoy it when it's done.