Monday, 18 November 2013

In which we all get excited because BQF has finished her chevron Reunion quilt

This couldn't be a better post to write.  Not only am I showing off a finish, but I didn't actually have to do any work because this is BQF's quilt.  The best of both worlds, right?

Anyway without further ado, here it is - one finished chevron quilt, made using Crazy Mom's zig zag pattern (see here).  Although BQF didn't actually use that tutorial, but instead this one by Bella Solids (who give Crazy Mom credit).  The Bella Solids tutorial is a pdf, which I find handy.

One jelly roll chevron quilt

Doesn't that quilting look great?  She echoed the zig zag pattern a 1/4" in on the white.  I think it gives a great texture, although she wasn't loving it during the quilting process.  All that heaving the quilt through the machine.  Ick.  I think it was worth it though.

Here is the back.  I just looooove this print.  It is a Spotlight special.  The quilt is supposed to have a seaside feel about it, so the seagulls go with the theme.

A seagull extravaganza

This is her little helper.  He got a bit anxious when his fingers couldn't hold on to the quilt any more.  He's super cute.  Look at those worried little eyes peeping over.

Princess is a big fan of BQF junior - the two of them went on a date to the Wiggles on Sunday (supervised by BQF and I).  The good news is that Princess no longer wants to be Sleeping Beauty when she grows up - she has now moved on to being Emma (the new yellow girl Wiggle).  As a career option I think that could have financial upsides that Sleeping Beauty was never going to offer (not being real, and all).

The helper

I think BQFs overall recommendation is that this is a great pattern. I still have a chevron quilt on my to-do list, so expect another one to pop up here sometime in the future (are you quivering with excitement?). In the meantime, feel free to tell BQF what an awesome job she has done.  

I'm linking up to some linky peeps (see my linky page) including Freshly Pieced, Needle and Thread Thursday and Show and Tell Thursday. Howdy visitors - I hope the rest of your week is full of fabulous fabric!


Adrianne said...

Really sophisticated and lovely - BQF has done a fantastic job.

Sara said...

What a cute story about the little ones and their date:)

BQF did a fantastic job on this chevron quilt and the backing bird print is awesome!

Sarah Elliott said...

Love it! The quilting is perfect for that pattern.

hydeeannsews said...

she does quilting work for you, you post for her. it works! her quilting really does look fabulous on this. and jr is SO cute! glad you've already got princess well matched with a quilting-friendly household. =)

heather said...

I really like that quilting but I'm sure it was hard to do all those turns!

Renee said...

What a great quilt! Looks very cozy and snuggly! Love the back too.

Leonie said...

Looks great! had to laugh at Sleeping Beauty turned Wiggles :) yay for BQF finishing such a gorgeous quilt :)

Nita said...

Beautiful quilt, but I especially love that poor little helper photo!