Sunday, 24 November 2013

ABC BOW week 12: Next time won't you sing with me?

Hello quilty friends.  It's ABC quilt time again already.  This week I decided to do a text block so that I could do this ...

Why yes, that is one third of a finished quilt top.

I have absolutely no ability to wait until the end and surprise myself.  I am having a little quilt angst at the moment too, because all of those border fabrics are quite full on now they're sewn together - but, as usual, I'm unlikely to change it - so the wee man will just have to live with it.

Here is the text block I did - which means I won't be doing my kite until next week.

Text block 2 - 2 to go.

Princess told me the fort and the cat "are my most favourite mummy".  I'm not sure she realises that it's for her little brother.  We will cross that bridge when we get to it.

The favoured C and F blocks

What blocks have you been doing this week?  I have noticed that all of a sudden everyone seems to be going crazy and adding their own individual touches to the blocks - like Barbara's inch worm, and the J is for Jellyfish which has given me massive block envy.  All of this means I intend to have something different for you when I show you my L and M.  Oooooh the suspense.  Can you handle it?

Anyway - show us all what you have been doing this week.  Some kites?  Some kittens?  Something else?  Link up and then don't forget to go and say hello to everyone else.

Have a lovely week everyone!



DeborahGun said...

I think it looks fantastic - not full on at all :-) Love your choice of fabrics and it is so nice to see it all together. And don't stress - no special extra touches to my blocks either - I like them the way they are :-)

kim said...

I have been lurking and following your progress on the alphabet quilt. It's looking great!!! Don't change a thing :)

Tiffany said...

Ahhh! I love it!!! I think everything looks perfect and am super jealous that you have 1/3rd of a quilt top finished! I also didn't make any changes to the blocks (although I'm really not a fan of the zinnia. I think I might change it to the bee).
I only have 2 blocks left to embroider (Y and Z). But I spent most of yesterday cutting up tiny squares for the rest of the quilt (I'm using the book's quilt pattern). Then comes the scary part... putting it together. I'm actually afraid to cut my blocks down... I'm notorious for not finishing to the right size :(

Leonie said...

eeee - it's looking great! I think its fine and not too clashy busy at all :)

hydeeannsews said...

oh, it's looking cute! wee man will love all the color and visual interest. looks like you'll be making a girly version for princess. =) abc bow 2.0?