Monday, 10 June 2013

Woe is me

How are you quilty peeps?  We're not so good in the Shush household. Princess and I have a grotty, grotty cold, so I am wearing a facemask while I type this to keep you safe from the germs.  And on top of that the wee man had his immunisations today. Sadness all round. 

So not a lot has been happening on the quilty front. I have started some little chores though. I have the rest of the nine patch blocks sewn up for the lattice quilt. They are all ready to be slashed up now (that's a sentence I wouldn't want anyone reading out of context!). See:

And I have made a million billion metres of binding for Henry Fish: The Quilt. 

Well, I may be exaggerating for comic effect, but it still is quite a lot of binding. I have used a cotton reel so that I can pop it on my spare reel holder on the machine, to keep it tidy while I bind.  I'm saying that in a coolly understated way because I now HAVE A SPARE REEL HOLDER. Yay for Bernie!  I love my new sewing machine. Can you tell?  Don't tell hubby - he'll get jealous. 

You can run a sweepstake on when Henry Fish: The Quilt will get finished if you like. Given my history, I don't like the odds, but I'm currently going for bound by Friday. Of course that assumes an improvement in health, and me not getting distracted with something else.  Hmmmmm. 

Right. You'd better spray your screen with disinfectant now!


Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

That is a clever idea for the binding - mine always ends up so tangled when I bind. Love the fabrics you chose.

Hope you're feeling better soon - colds have just started infecting our house this week too. Miserable.

hydeeannsews said...

thank you for the sanitation courtesy. so sorry you are still all grotty. =( boo. but good for you for buckling down on some chores! little chores get big quilts done. the binding looks fantastic! it's going to be great on henry.