Monday, 3 June 2013

Lazy long weekend

Did you know it's Queen's Birthday weekend in New Zealand?  It's not actually the Queen's Birthday, but we have a long weekend and I'm okay with an extra day off work any old way.  Anyway, BQF and I celebrated by having a special quilty day on Sunday. Princess was visiting Nana and Hubby was on duty with the wee man. 

She brought her machine over and we set up.

But before we started, we pigged out on KFC (reserved solely for such occasions). Then long suffering BQF was required to admire my recent fabric purchases. Given I have gone a little overboard, it made her feel much better about her own fabric indiscretions.  That's what friends do though, right? Sometimes you just have to man up and get another fat quarter, if it will make someone happy. BQF made me feel better too though, by explaining that Mummy BQF buys quilting fabric. And she doesn't even quilt.  Good on her, I say. 

BQF made some of her gorgeous blocks. She thinks they're a bit nanaish. I think they're lovely.  She only has seven more to go now. She's sashing them up with more of the prints once they're done, for a real scrappy look.  Pretty. 

I finished stippling Henry Fish (high fives all round) and then started on a Hello Kitty pillowcase for Princess. I mean it's only been six months since I finished the quilt.  Small projects are great. I got the top all done in no time. 

I had a lovely juvely time. I think it needs to be a regular fixture!

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hydeeannsews said...

so i've been blog stalking and reading your archives. =) i've decided you're my new overseas quilting friend i've never met whether you like it or not. ha! i can't believe how much you've gotten done in your short quilting time and that wee man is so very new. how you ever manage is beyond me. but i find we have similar purchasing habits and project infidelity issues, so i think i'm going to stick around as a reader. it's nice to watch another newbie stretch her wings and go for it.

and i figured out who henry fish is.
i wish you hadn't mentioned spoonflower. i've got enough suppliers. fabric (dot) com is my own personal weakness because you can find most everything current there, there are sales often, and free shipping over $35 (which we both know is a sneeze when it comes to fabric purchases.)
happy quilting, friend!