Saturday, 29 June 2013

Achievements - nil or thereabouts

If this was a weekly report, my quilting achievements would read like this:

Progress on Oh Dear - nil
Progress on lattice quilt - nil
Progress on puffy quilt - nil
Progress on buying more quilty stuff I don't need - superb. 

*quiet sigh*

This is the liberty blowout, in anticipation of my EPP book and paper pieces (I went for hexies and 6 point diamonds - most of the EPP quilts I like are those or a combination of both).  Who knows when this will get done. I'm thinking this is a 200 year project or something (I meant to type 20, but 200 is probably more apt). Really you should blame Hydeeann for this - she totally pressured me into jumping on board the EPP bandwagon (Her email went something like "so are you thinking about doing some EPP?" - talk about twist my arm, eh!).

Liberty vomit - the only sort I don't mind cleaning up.

This one is my favourite. 


This is nearly all of my Tula Pink Prince Charming collection, gathered from around the world. I'm just waiting for the last two fabrics, which I could only find on eBay and which are on their way.  I have NO IDEA what I'm doing with this. 

Charming Prince Charming

This is the start of my Parisville collection - it distracted me while hunting for Prince Charming. I have found an AWESOME Parisville quilt which I am going to shamelessly copy. It's all good.

The next obsession

This is Chelsea. She's coming to live here from Bamboletta Dolls. I don't really want to talk about how irrational this purchase was except to say that I HAD to have her.  Well it seemed that way at the time.  Isn't she precious?  I want to make her little dolly clothes so she doesn't have to wear the same old thing every day.

I suspect I'll be having a long chat to Princess about this being mummy's doll. Not sure how that's going to go. I think she can hang out in the quilt cabinet and say hi to everyone as they come in the front door.  What was I thinking???

Chelsea Shush

I need to get back to quilting. It would be a great money saver!  Linking up to Sunday Stash at Finding Fifth. Howdy visitors!


Megan said...

Oh my, you are a sensational fabric hunter - look at that Parisville! What pattern do you have your eye on?

Jen P said...

Wow, all beautiful but Parisville in particular. I'm most impressed by your stamina for hunting down the absolute best fabric (and other - think Chelsea) purchases.

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

That liberty print is gorgeous (your favorite one), and the doll is too precious!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

So many lovely fabrics! Luckily I held off last week and made no purchases. But it is the start of a whole new week!! Hmmm....

Karen said...

Lovely collection of Tula Pink! It's great when you track down those elusive prints isn't it! :o) Visiting from Sunday Stash.

Tessa Marie said...

Liz, love your Tula stash! I decided recently to hunt down some Full Moon Forest, but at $50 a half yard, I think I will have to pass! Your doll is so sweet, I already checked out the website and oohed and aahed at them all. Thanks for sharing!!

hydeeannsews said...

at least you can always be counted on to shop well, liz. =) your liberty is YUMMY! i can see you've been busy on the tula front, too. nice work! just keep playing with your bits and inspiration will come. nice how we get to enjoy it when it's nothing and then when we get it into something, isn't it?

hydeeannsews said...

ps - i'm a real arm twister, aren't i? =) i've studied the EPP book pretty good now, my paper pieces arrived, and i will likely start cutting in a day or two. tag, you're it!

Finding Fifth said...

i can see why you bought her. So cute. My daughter has a Jem of Mine doll named Florrie.