Sunday, 23 March 2014

Super simple baby quilt three - finished

This quilt got started some time ago, in a bit of a rush, when of the girls at work had her baby very, very early.  The baby has done really well, and went home recently.  In the meantime, I handed over a whole pile of the wee man's toys and clothes to him, so the quilt seemed an unnecessary extra.

Super simple baby quilt three - bold and quick

The blocks are 10" unfinished, so it is suitable for a layer cake, and super easy to put together - which is the point of super simple baby quilts!  The sashed blocks are made with a 5" centre square and 3" sashing.  I know there is a tutorial out there in blogland for the block, but I can't find it.  Let me know if you can, and I'll link it up.  The most time consuming part was trying to place the fabric so that it looked artfully scrappy.  I used a fat quarter bundle of "Fox and the Houndstooth", with some Spotlight specials to add extra fabrics.

I started quilting it with stitch in the ditch down the blocks, to hold it in place while I decided exactly how to finish it.  Because I was rushing, I did an absolutely rubbish job basting, with the result that it developed what I described as a mother-pucker on the back.  It was huge and ugly.  Because I couldn't be bothered fixing it, the whole thing sat on the back of the chair in the lounge for ages.

All of a sudden I decided to finish it last weekend. I unpicked the worst of the puckering, and then quilted the whole thing in wavy lines about 2" apart - an idea I stole shamelessly from Megan, who finished her own quilt with this technique just recently.

Attempt at a quilting shot, with the wee man doing what wee men do - racing around, getting into everything.

It was bound today, in orange Riley Blake small spots.  Awesome all purpose fabric.  And now it's done.  Why oh why didn't I just finish it before???  Although I have to say, the wee man trying to help me quilt today wasn't that awesome.  He alternates between trying to thump on the foot pedal (fingers near the needle beware) and attempting to rip out the power cord.  The knee lift for the presser foot has long since been removed because that is an irresistible temptation for little fingers.  We are safety conscious here, I tell you.  It would have been much easier if he just napped.

That is a handsome wee foxy, looking smart.

The back is a DS 2011 check.

Over exposed backing shot, with puckers et al.
Now the quilt is off for a wee trip around the world, with Alison's Mexican orphanage the final destination.  When Alison told me they want quilts in all sizes, because there are babies and toddlers there too, I was heartbroken.  The least I can do is send something special to show that people do care.  If you have a moment to make some quilt blocks to help her out, I'm sure she'd appreciate it.


Karyn said...

Love the orange spot binding!

Sew Pretty Quilts said...

Super Cute! Love the bow tie fabric! My baby also likes to crawl around my foot pedal when I'm sewing, scares me to death!

Lisa said...

Great pattern! Love the wee foxes AND most especially your choice of binding. I think this will make a child most happy to snuggle in!

Megan said...

So cute! Can't see the mother-pucker at all, I think you're pretending that it's there. That wavy stitch is just like magic isn't it!

Leonie said...

Mother pucker...hahahaha! Great quilt and yay for finishing it happily and quickly in the end! Looks great and will no doubt be loved :)

Cat said...

As I said on IG I love foxes therefore I love this quilt !
Well done

Glinda ♥ said...

Wavy line envy over here in London! I wonder if I could recreate with a free-motion line? Very effective, isn't it? And a gorgeous quilt, Liz :)

Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation said...

it's always easier if they would just nap, right?? haha! the quilt looks awesome though. so many cute fabrics in one quilt!

Thanks so much for showing this off at Needle and Thread Thursday!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Sarah said...

That must have been one mother pucker! Hahahaha. I usually just out the label over mine. Lazy but ingenious. How can anyone resist such cuties trying to help us in the sewing room?