Thursday, 20 March 2014

Citrus Sweet Love and a finished cushion

Hello people.  How are you?  I am having a break from stitching tonight, so it seemed a good chance to catch up with you.  One of the reasons for needing a break is that I have been working on my Citrus Sweet Love blocks, which are tremendously time consuming.  I finished the February block ages ago, and I can't remember if I have shown it to you - so here it is.  Can you see the chocolate stain?

But more importantly, this is March's block.  It took me suuuuuch a long time.  I hand pieced all the curves, and then machine pieced the straight lines.  The centre circle was appliquéd on with the method in Sarah Fielke's Craftsy course, and fitted pretty well.  I love the two teeny little bits of liberty in the arrow heads.  I am pleased I took my time though, because I would have been gutted if I had stuffed it up.  There is only one main block to go now next month, although I have the appliqué blocks to finish.

The lesson I really learned was that it is time for me to try machine piecing curves though.  I say it every month!  But I am determined to give it a go. 

Sorry about the rubbish night time photo.  But you can still see the matching points okay. *smug*

In addition, I have finished my little birthday cushion.  Despite my plans to bind it in blue or turquoise, somehow it ended up being a solid persimmon.  Hubby approves - orange is his favourite colour.  The orange really shows off those little umbrellas!

This is the back, with Hydeeann's gorgeous English Paper Pieced block.  I echoed the hexagon shape in the straight line quilting.

What have you been up to?  Having fun sewing?  In other news, I have recently acquired an overlocker, so there may be pretty dresses and skirts in the near future.  For Princess, not me!

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Esther F. said...

Love it! It is adorable!!!
The little dashes of orange just brighten any day!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
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Leonie said...

Those blocks look intense! But gorgeous - well done you! and the pillow - looks great - of course it was always going to!

SoozeM said...

Wow that March block is stunning!! Glad I didn't have to make one LOL! Your cushion is gorgeous too - the persimmon looks great!!

Ruth said...

Gorgeous, impressed with your hand sewing skills. I really like the cushion back. that could live very well in my house!

pandchintz said...

Lots of lovely work!