Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A bit of a catch-up and Moda Building Blocks

Welcome to 2015 my quilty friends.  As you can tell, my plans to blog for the last few months have gone awry.  However I have made it a goal to put up at least one post before I go back to work after the Christmas break, so here goes ...

I have been up to various bits and pieces since I last typed here.  First, I made some table toppers for my mother in law.  Pinks and blues were requested.  I used the Anna Maria Horner feather block pattern, which is very pretty, for one of the toppers.  One of the many things on my wish list is a whole quilt of these.  The other two were a tree trunk pattern.  Lots of blank space and improv piecing.  I could almost call myself a modern quilter.  Heh.

Table toppers.

Near the end of the year, when I was crazy busy at work, I spontaneously decided to make a king sized quilt top out of an eclectic pile of Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler and Kaffe fabrics.  Sensible decision.  Not.  This has been dubbed the Hot Mess quilt, because, well, it is one big hot mess!  It was very quick to make though - 10" squares alternated with 10" quarter square triangles.

Hot Mess before sewing.

It is going to be backed in leopard print Anna Maria Horner velveteen, which is delicious and soft and should keep us toasty warm in winter.  I just need to track down a long arm quilter for this one, because I have no intention of quilting it myself!

There is a drunkard's path cushion to go on the bed with the quilt.  This has been piped and backed in the velveteen, in a different colourway.  This was my first attempt at machine piecing curves, which, as it turns out, is not such a big deal.  If I had fussed less and tried earlier, I could have figured these ages ago!

It's a Hot Mess cushion front

It's a Hot Mess cushion back.  20" square with a zipper at the base.

I have also made some good headway with the Gypsy Wife quilt.  I had called it finished, but now I have realised that it needs the extra borders if it is going to go on our bed.  That means we are having a little break for a while!  I was pretty proud of myself for getting this far.

Gypsy Wife in Tula Pink Prince Charming

I made various little bits and pieces for Christmas, including some sew together bags, this little dumpling pouch for the Monday Modern group secret santa, and a little liberty pin cushion.

Little dumpling pouch, how I love making you so.

You can never have too manner pin cushions, you know?!

My latest project is the Moda Building Blocks quilt.  Some of us in the Monday Modern group are giving it a go.  I was completely ambivalent about this as a project until I found a pretty low volume version on Instagram, and then fell in love.  I am having so much fun with this at the moment.  I am trying to get as many blocks done as I can while I am still enthusiastic and before I get back to work.  I know that work is going to be flat stick as soon as I start, so it's sew, sew, sew at the moment!

It doesn't all fit properly on the "design wall" (aka the hallway with a sheet)

6" of Sleeping Beauty

6" of Brambleberry Ridge and Emmy Grace

18" of Heather Ross, Tilda and Brambleberry Ridge

Block 2 - 36" of massiveness

The two largest blocks are 36", which is MASSIVE, and the smallest are 6".  There are 48 blocks in total, so I can see it taking all year. *sigh*

What have you been up to?  Anything fun?  Was Christmas lovely?


Linda @ kokaquilts said...

WOW where do I start?!?! I love your Gypsy Wife quilt... I know from my own experience just how much hard work it is! Your colour combo is stunning! And your version of the Moda BB is actually a really lovely alternative to the original 'all-solids' one. oh and I kinda like the Hot Mess quilt too... scrappy & colourful! Linda

~Diana said...

So many great projects! You have a wonderful eye cor color & design. And I just love that little bird pouch~that fabric is adorable!

Julie said...

Love your gypsy wife quilt, and am loving your building blocks. So nice to see them done in patterned fabric not solids.

Jacqui said...

You've been busy! I haven't started my Moda block yet, I must get on to it - I hope you DO slow down on making them as you'll put the rest of us to shame if not ;)

Leonie said...

Wow Liz - you're a machine! So many makes!! And all of them gorgeous! Love the feather and trunks, the gypsy wife... wow! Had to laugh at the hot mess but such a great description :) I am going to attempt a couple of dumplings in the next couple of days after seeing all of your gorgeous ones and that little cutie was no exception! Go you going gangbusters! Looking forward to seeing your building blocks come together :)

Karyn said...

Busy! I like the hot mess and your moda blocks.

Gemini Jen NZ said...

I really like your King size quilt, so colourful and vibrant, and I really like your low volume Building Blocks too. I had a really relaxing and nice summer Christmas/New Year camping in a tent at Lake Te Anau in Fiordland National Park (New Zealand)with my hubby, son and my cousin and her husband - most beautiful part of the world I have to declare! Have a good week working on your projects!

pandchintz said...

My Goodness!! What fabulous projects! I particularly love Hot Mess, and backed in leopard print velveteen.......hmmmm!! So snuggly.

DeborahGun said...

you are amazing in the amount of sewing you manage, and the beauty of it all. Loving your moda blocks quilt - I would never ever have picked those fabrics but they look amazing :-)

hydeeannsews said...

lovely to see you on the blog again! but i'm feeling a bit cheated because these are all your IG photos. lol. i was expecting a ton of new detail shots with your real camera. =) at least i can see them larger now!

and i'm confused - which quilt is going on your bed? hot mess or gypsy wife? or are you just going to alternate every other week. both are looking great so i don't see how you can loose no matter what you choose!

Laurina said...

I love my little dumpling pouch. it came with me to the US and held my jewellery and hair nick-nacks. Thanks!

Aivosolu said...

Hi. I can't remember where I stumbled upon your blog, but I've been reading it through. You make lovely quilts :) I'll be coming back to see new stuff!

Julie said...

Linda from Koka Quilts sent me your link, and I've already fallen in love with your style of combining electic elements in your low volume blocks. Love this work!!

Julie @ Pink Doxies

Schulz Family said...

love the hot mess quilt. Fanastic idea doing big blocks to get it done. I have some busy fabrics stashed that I just might have to use to do that quilt. Thanks and Merry Christmas