Thursday, 19 December 2013

M is for Mask and Music: ABC BOW week 15

Gah. Every night I come home and it's dark before I sit down to write this post, and so I can't take a photo of my block. And every night I swear I'll take a quick snap in the morning before I head out to work. And very morning I forget. So now I've given up.

Here it is. Officially my worse blog photo ever. M is for monster. I refuse to put a watermark on it, the photo is so bad. But I'll remedy that over the Christmas holiday. In the meantime, I just need to say hi to you all and show you that I have actually been working on my quilt. The annoying thing is, I like my little monster and would like to show him in a good light!

M is for my little monster

What are you all up to?  I know we have some finishes to be proud of. Tanya and Barbara have finished their ABC quilts completely (Barbara, I'll put your photo up!). That's awesome, right?!  And Tiffany has finished all her embroidery, and hopefully has matched all her little triangle pieces up for her girl's quilt by now. Have you Tiffany?!  Others are lurking quietly in the background. I know you're out there!

For those of us who aren't finished, we are half way through now. Yippee. Have a glass of wine and admire how dedicated and crafty you are.  Cool right?!  I know I wouldn't still be going if it wasn't for you guys out there inspiring me to get finished.  So thanks!

I have TWO more working days until Christmas. Thank goodness. Then it's the three week summer holiday, and finally, hopefully (she says wistfully) a little quilting spare time.  Nice.

Before I go, this is the other thing we have been doing every night in the Shush household. This is Lily the elf. She has a special skirt, made with a Free Spirit Christmas fabric chosen by Princess. Lily has discovered tonight that hand sewing is not for the faint hearted. Naughty Lily, using my cotton without permission. I bet she didn't tell Santa she was planning on doing this when she went home to report on Princess' good behaviour.

I think it's just as well she didn't try to sew on Bernie

Anyway - link up with your ABC quilt progress if you have a spare minute in the pre-Christmas madness. Hearing from you is a little bit of sewing calm in the midst of the seasonal craziness!  Heh. 



DeborahGun said...

oh boy - I am so far behind. Finished J and then came to a stop. Hoping for some nice quiet hand sewing time in the holidays. Thanks for keeping me going :-)

Leonie said...

Despite the photo not being ideal, that little monster is a bit of a cutie! Lily has a lot to learn eh? :) Good luck with your last couple of days and here's hoping for some sewing time!

hydeeannsews said...

that monster is too cute! I'm glad you showed him anyway. (truly, the photo isn't that bad!)

I've heard of those elves but stand fast against pleas for one at our house. lilly looks like she needs some sewing lessons! love it. and love that you and princess gave her a skirt.

Tiffany said...

Love, Love, Love the monster block!! And I do the same thing with pictures! I don't want to take them until morning and then forget....
I actually did get a chance to finish the quilt for my daughter. The next day we packed up and headed away for a visit with some family for Christmas. I don't even know that I took a proper picture before I wrapped it up!! She'll be opening it tomorrow night before bed, so I'll take some pictures then!!
Merry Christmas!!