Sunday, 6 October 2013

ABC BOW week 5: E is for Energy and Egg

Goodness, we're one sixth done with our ABC quilts.  Have you had a look at the Flickr group?  All your blocks are looking gorgeous.

We're racing along!  For once, I'm pretty pleased with how this week's block turned out. My letters are still a bit wonky, but I think my little energy picture is great. What a great idea for the letter E!

E is for energy!  I think this one is going to be pretty apt for the wee man.

I thought the little space robots were a good mix with the embroidery. What do you think?  How are your blocks coming along?  I'm having fun with the little pictures, but I think next week I'll do one of the word blocks - I'd quite like to get every block done in the top row so I can lay them out and admire them. Do you do that too or am I a quilt layout weirdo?

I can definitely see me using these embroideries for cushions or some other one off projects - it would be a lovely touch for a gift. If you are doing anything small, show it off with a link or on the flickr group - I'd love to see it!

Anyway time to link up people. Show us what you've been doing, and don't forget to go and show your quilty comrades some linky love!



Megan said...

Very cool! I love that little energy emblem, and so neatly stitched!

Marla said...

so cute with a nerd bonus. Love it!

DeborahGun said...

energy is a fun one :-)

Tiffany said...

Oh My! I love it!! You did a fantastic job! This block and the next were the ones that made me want to make a boy quilt, but I thought I should make one for my daughter first.

And yes, I have my 5 blocks in my office (although I didn't add the borders yet) and I take them out to admire them throughout the day. I think it's because I never pictured myself doing embroidery. And these blocks are great for beginners (and look so cute!)

hydeeannsews said...

Perfect match up with the energy and space bots! What a fun pick for E.

Lucy Casey said...

Nice work - I think I will have to do the boy quilt now!